By - floor5

2007 – 2009 : Nucleus

Nucleus is one of the top hosting companies in Belgium; after a steady growth since it’s birth in Y2K. The goal is not to become the biggest hosting provider in Belgium, but the best!

I joined Nucleus as the lead Linux Systems & Network Engineer in 2007. I was part of the start of the fast growing of the company.

System Administration

  • Webservers Linux (CentOS/Debian) and windows 2k3 + IIS
  • Virtual: VMWare, OpenVZ (Linux), Virtuozzo (Windows & Linux)
  • Backup servers (Ahsay + replication)
  • NAS iSCSI & NFS (Open-E)

Network Administration

  • Border Gateways: Solaris/BGP, HA by use of CARP interfaces
  • Firewalls: Juniper SSG-350 (semi-full mesh HA), MikroTik
  • Switching: Cisco 2950/2960 met VLANs en STP + L2 hardening
  • Monitoring network & servers through Nagios & Zabbix + custom scripts


Customer Control Panel (Apache + PHP + MySQL)

  • Management of services & products by resellers & end-customers
  • Automated Ordering & Payment processes
  • Automated Deployment
  • Back-Office system for Invoicing, Statistics and Customer Care


  • Specialized Support & Advice for High-End Customers
  • Training Internships